Mission Focused for "you" - our Members...

             Top Committee Priorities


Conveying the importantce of belonging to an organization that has their best interest at heart...An organization that delivers and addresses the needs and priorities of a new-age workforce


Point out that there is much to be gained by maintaining a strong and large contingent of members that have a voice and vision in a better future...There is strenght in numbers...


Reach out to former and retired government employees who can share the benefit of their experience with the current and future generations of government workers.

What is the  Membership committee doing NOW!

We are currently focusing our efforts on increasing and managing our membership:

1. We are providing membership data to our local, regional and national leadership on our membership chapter status.  We solicit new and renewal actions for all of our members.  We conduct membership initiatives such as the "Recruit and Retain Just One" campaign that has been adopted at the regional level and thus far, been deemed successful.

2. We conduct networking events and are currently focusing our recruitment initiative on the Millennial generation - which represents the future and leadership of the government workforce at the federal, state, and local levels.

3. We are seeking members to join our committee in order to reach our objectives more rapidly and efficiently.


                                                        Meet the team members...



Cheryl Hickman

Ms. Hickman is a Contracting Officer with the USAAC

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Lisa Battle

Ms. Battle is a Contracting Officer with the USACC

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Sam Scruggs

Mr. Scruggs is a retired Army officer and entrepreneur

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