Mission Focused for "you" our Members...

             Top Committee Priorities

Educate Our Members

Complete the planning for a training workshop that will educate our members in the area of EEO and ensure that the workshop is a success!

Analyze and Advise

Completing request for documents such as the MD-715 report from each agency at Redstone Arsenal, AL to analyze rates of hiring and firing, promotions, distributing of authority and responsibility, adverse actions, awards, merit pay, disciplinary actions and issues or matters referring to affirmative action and advancement opportunities of Blacks in government. We will provide feedback and recommendations to local Commands of their progress.

Accomplish Objectives

Encourage BIG members to join the AE/EEO Committee to assist in reaching our objectives more rapidly and efficiently

                                      What is the  AE-EEO committee doing NOW!

We are currently focusing our efforts on planning an EEO workshop, analyzing Management Directive Reports (MD-715) and recruiting BIG members to work on the AE/EEO committee:

1. We are currently planning training events that will educate our members in the do’s and don’ts of the EEO process. We plan to have a subject matter expert in this field to present a training workshop event in the near future.

2. We are working to address areas of concerns of Black government employees by analyzing the MD-715 report which requires agencies to take appropriate steps to ensure that all employment decisions are free from discrimination. It also sets forth the standards by which EEOC will review the sufficiency of agency Title VII and Rehabilitation Act programs, which include periodic agency self-assessments and the removal of barriers to free and open workplace competition.

3. We are seeking members to join our committee in order to reach our objectives more rapidly and efficiently.

                                                          Meet the team members...

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Adrienne Stringfellow

Is a Management Support Specialist with AMRDEC

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Phyllis Watson

Works as a Contract Speacilist with the Army Corps of Engineers

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Gail Spearman

An opportunity exist for you to make a difference.  Join us in our quest !

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