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    “...We must reinvent our chapter to meet the needs and challenges of a new generation—help us pass the torch…” .

    Bob Wilson | VP Region IV - Retired \Investor

    What our Members Say!

    "The local BIG chapter is the life line that supports the national organization; therefore it is vital that we maintain our focus to achieve chapter goals and objectives at all times"

    image01Mary Peoples | Region IV Director, BIG National Board of Directors

    What our Members Say!

    "Being President of the Huntsville-Madison County chapter has been and excellent experience and an even greater challenge...."

    image01Ronnie Hawkins | Chapter President - PEO M&S

    What our Members Say!

    "I'm ready, able and willing to assume multiple roles in the chapter to make it the best in Region IV..."

    image01Pam Ellis| Analyst - USAMC

    What our Members Say!

    "I relish and love the fact that I was and may still be BIG's only token white member!  Bob Wilson, your former president, convinced me that I was really a black man in disguise and was, accordingly, obligated to join the chapter as a life member..."

    image01Bill Smart | Project Manager - BCF Solutions

    What our Members Say!

    "What! Are you kidding? I never said I'd volunteer for that! But, OK, if you insist..".

    image01Kimberly Peterson | Raleig Chapter - DHHS/NIEHS

    What our Members Say!

    "OK, OK, I promise to participate or head up a social activity of sorts for the retired BIG members here in Huntsville..."

    image01Ralph Redrick | Cost Analyst - Retired

    What our Members Say!

    I really miss the BIG members who won't pass this way again - Cheryl Wise, Monroe Walker, Willie Cromartie, Cheryl Lynum - I wonder which chapter in Heaven they belong to now......

    image01Arlene Erskine | Chapter Secretary - Retired

    What our Members Say!

    When all the laughter dies in sorrow. And the tears have risen to a flood. When all the wars have found a cause In human wisdom and in blood. Do you think they'll cry in sadness. Do you think the eye will blink. Do you think they'll curse the madness. Do you even think they'll think. When all the great galactic systems Sigh to a frozen halt in space. Do you think there will be some remnant Of beauty of the human race. Do you think there will be a vestige - Or a sniffle or a cosmic tear. Do you think a greater thinking thing - Will give a damn that man was here (by "Chicago")

    image01Roberre | Photographer - Zenfolio

    What our Members Say!

    "To remain viable in an evolutionary, technology driven environment we need to modernize our programs and think outside of the box"

    image01Cheryl Hickman | Contracting Officer - USACC